TRRW Holiday Luncheon & Gift Exchange

The TRRW Holiday Luncheon and Gift Exchange will take place on Sunday, December 7, 2014) at Andora’s Restaurant in Sewickley, PA at 12:00 noon.  As this luncheon was initially scheduled for Saturday, December 6, please RSVP whether or not you intend to attend the Holiday Luncheon and Gift Exchange, via e-mail, at

Gift Exchange details:

– Budget for gift: $10.00 – $15.00
– All gifts must be wrapped
– Gift stealing:  Once it’s your turn to pick a present, you can either choose to take an unopened gift, or you can steal one from someone who already opened it (and then they get to choose a gift to either open or steal). We had a blast doing this last year!

Luncheon details:

Lunch will start at 12:00 at Andora’s Restaurant in Sewickley, PA.  We opted not to go off the special menu because they were going to charge us too much per person.  The problem with charging a fee up front is that should one person only wanted something light (say, a sandwich) and another person wanted a jumbo crab cake, it wouldn’t be fair to charge those two people the same thing.  The restaurant is permitting us to order off the regular menu.   As such, we aren’t charging anyone an up-front fee, but rather, we will each be responsible for our own lunches.

The Menu

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